Otter Hole/Otter Hall/Stuart’s/Stewart’s/Otterburn Cemetery


Location: Northwest side of Broad Creek between Gardner’s and Muddy Creek Place. Accessed from Marshland Road. (GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 32.19521, Longitude: -80.73372; coordinates point to "2-36 Mackerel Drive" on Google Maps)

Original Ownership: Stoney family.  Later, Thorne & Loomis

Earliest known date of existence: Late 18th century 

From the book, Hilton Head Island Cemeteries, Compiled by Karen Marsh Gobrecht And John Griffin

Otter Hole Plantation is situated in an old field on the north shore of Broad Creek. The site is believed to be contained in a 5 acre tract. A small collection of early nineteenth century glass and ceramics were recovered from the site, although most of the area is in either heavy grass or a mixed pine-hardwood forest.  The site represents a major antebellum plantation and is situated in an area which has been subjected to little disturbance.

Otter Hole Cemetery is a nineteenth and twentieth century black cemetery with at least 30 markers, most handmade of concrete. The cemetery, which is located on the north shore of Broad Creek is still being used by the local blacks and contains about 1.1 acres. The site is in an area of live oak and palmetto forest with a moderate groundcover. The cemetery contains the skeletal population of black individuals with probable kinship affiliation.