All resumes must be submitted to info@heritagelib.org

All submissions must be received by September 1, 2018


About the job

The Executive Director (ED) of the Heritage Library Foundation (HLF) is a part-time position (30 hours per week) with four distinct responsibilities: operations manager of the Foundation, fund-raiser, library manager, and tech support (including webmaster).  The first two (HLF operations manager and fund-raiser) will be actively hands-on while the latter two (tech support and library manager) will be mainly oversight.

The Executive Director has overall strategic and operational responsibility for Heritage Library Foundation’s staff, programs, expansion, and execution of its mission. The preferred candidate should have knowledge of local history and ancestry research, as well as the ability to manage and expand core programs, operations, business plans and fundraising of the organization.

Foremost among the ED’s intermediate (2-3 years) goals will be adding educational programs and major events that will generate $20K additional revenue in the first year and $30K in the second year and then self-sustainability in the following years. This goal will result in increased membership and expanding the public and private donations to the operating budget.

This position reports directly to the Board of Directors and manages any initiatives that come out of the board meetings, such as organizing committees, tracking timelines, etc.

In addition, the ED is the public face to other organizations, attending meetings, committing (or not) the assets of the Foundation, and reporting to the Board on activities of interest to the Foundation.

The ED is responsible for supporting the various HLF departments by helping with organization, staffing, calendars, and communication.



  • Ensure ongoing local programmatic excellence, rigorous program evaluation, and consistent quality of finance and administration, fundraising, communications, and systems; recommend timelines and resources needed to achieve the strategic goals.
  • Establish strong working relationships with all Hilton Head and Bluffton elementary schools, especially at grade levels that explore local history
  • Oversee the development of lesson plans to supplement the local history programs at area schools
  • Work with area churches  and youth groups to extend educational opportunities centered around local history, especially Native Islander history
  • Oversee Phase 2 of the Zion fund-raising campaign, which will create in collaboration with the Town of Hilton Head a History Park at the Zion Cemetery. Identify and cultivate potential donors from both the private and public sectors. The deadline for completing the History Park is 2025 when the Revolutionary War commemorates 250 years.
  • Actively engage, energize and retain HLF volunteers, board members, event committees, partnering organizations, and donors
  • Develop, maintain, and support a strong Board of Directors and strong staff positions: serve ex-officio of each committee, seek and build board involvement with strategic direction.
  • Ensure effective systems to track progress, and regularly evaluate program components, so as to measure successes that can be effectively communicated to the board, donors, and other constituents
  • Build partnerships in new markets, establishing relationships with donors, as well as political and community leaders through expanded outreach


The ED should be thoroughly committed to HLF’s mission. All candidates should have proven leadership, coaching, and relationship management experience. Concrete demonstrable experience and other qualifications include:

  • Passion, idealism, integrity, positive attitude, mission-driven, and self-directed
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills; a persuasive and passionate communicator with excellent interpersonal and multidisciplinary project skills
  • Track record of effectively developing new revenue generating programs and events; ability to point to specific examples of having developed and operationalized strategies that have taken an organization to the next stage of growth
  • Commitment to quality programs and data-driven program evaluation
  • Excellence in organizational management with the ability to coach staff, manage and develop high-performance teams, set and achieve strategic objectives, and manage a budget
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Suite
  • Past success working with a Board of Directors with the ability to cultivate existing board member relationships
  • Action-oriented, entrepreneurial, adaptable, and innovative approach to business planning
  • Ability to attend functions on nights and weekends
  • Ability to work effectively in collaboration with diverse groups of people

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