Graham Plantation

Fast Facts

General Information - See Also Honey Horn Plantation

Owners - 

  • Stoney family, 1805
  • William J. Graham, owner of a large estate at Grahamville, bought Honey Horn from the Stoneys.
  • Confiscated during the Civil War.

Maps - "Hack, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, before 1861"

Bibliography - 

    Holmgren, Hilton Head, A Sea Island Chronicle

Additional Information:

This is Honey Horn Plantation.  "William J. Graham, already  owner of a large estate on the mainland at Grahamville, bought Honey Horn from the Stoneys, who had acquired 1805.........The Graham house on the old Bayley Barony lot No. 11 was only partly finished when Fort Walker fell....the Grahams evidently never lived there.  The 1861 map prepared for Sherman shows the name Graham beside a house on Skull Creek north of Widow Stoney's. Perhaps it was their temporary home while waiting for the new house to be completed.  Freedman Dodd bought Honey Horn from the government in 1863 for $2600.....Therefore the land was unredeemable by Graham heirs."

  • Holmgren , Virginia C., Hilton Head, A Sea  Island Chronicle, p. 128