2018 Tuesday Morning History Classes

Don't forget!  Our new location on Hilton Head is 2 Corpus Christi, Ste 100

Tuesday Morning History Programs
Tuesdays, 10:30 am

$10 for Heritage Library Members, $15 for non-members

Reservations Required

Or call 843-686-6560

September 18th, 2018 - Historic Sites of Hilton Head Island: Join us for a 1½-hour talk about the history of Hilton Head Island and the historic sites on the island accompanied by a  map that you can then use for your own self-guided tour of the sites by car or by bicycle.

Hilton Head Island has an extensive and varied history, and much of that history can still be seen and enjoyed at a variety of sites around the island. See the tabby remains of the Stoney-Baynard plantation house in Sea Pines, and the ramparts of Ft. Mitchel in Hilton Head Plantation.  Visit the kiosk in Mitchelville Freedom Park to learn about the first self-governed black community created during the Civil War, and the Gullah Museum on Gum Tree Road to learn of the Gullah community that continues to flourish on the island.

September 25th, 2018 - Pirates of the LowcountryPirates of the Lowcountry: Pirates, the dreaded scourge of the seven seas, ventured up and down our Lowcountry coast in search of treasure during the golden age of piracy. Learn which famous buccaneers, men and women alike, pillaged and plundered along our local waters..

October 2nd, 2018 - Native Americans Part 1 - Look deep into the Lowcountry’s past and you’ll find our first visitors, Native American tribes who came to fish and hunt in the Port Royal Sound area. Here you’ll learn who these tribes were and what life was like for them before contact with the outside world.

October 9th, 2018 - Native Americans Part 2 - Throughout the state of South Carolina, our varied terrain and geography created different lifestyles for hundreds of various tribes. From the upstate to the Lowcountry, you’ll learn how their location shaped their lives.

October 16th, 2018 - Hilton Head Island in the Civil War - Robert Carse’s 1961 book, “Hilton Head Island in the Civil War: Department of the South” is the definitive work on the history of Hilton Head Island during the Union occupation of our island in the 1860’s. This program focuses on the lessons this book can teach us about the island’s history.

October 23rd, 2018 - Sea Pines 1950 - 1983 - The modern era of Hilton Head Island’s history began when Charles Fraser began developing Sea Pines from timber land owned by his family. Learn about how our island’s destiny was shaped by the Fraser’s vision from those early days up to the incorporation of the Town of Hilton Head in 1983.

October 30th, 2018 - Cemeteries of Hilton Head Island - Every cemetery tells a story, and the 16 known cemeteries on Hilton Head Island each provide a glimpse into the lives of the people who once called the island home. During this educational PowerPoint presentation, you’ll learn their history and where they are located so you can explore on your own.

November 6th, 2018 - The Gullah People and Culture - Brought to the island as slaves, the Gullah people created their own vibrant culture and language in relative isolation from the outside world. Learn about their traditions, how the Gullah culture has survived, and what is being done to preserve it for future generations.

November 13th, 2018 - General Mitchel and Reconstruction - The name of General Ormsby Mitchel lives on through two island sites that were named for him: Fort Mitchel and Mitchelville, the community he founded for slaves that had not yet been emancipated.  Learn about the man behind the name, his early life and military career, and how his legacy impacted the era of Reconstruction.

November 20th, 2018 - The Story of Santa Elena - At the crossroads of Colonial America, Santa Elena has witnessed the march of history. Founded in 1566 before Jamestown or Plymouth, this little-known settlement served as the first beachhead for French and Spanish colonization of the new world. Its story mirrors that of early America; its religion, geopolitics, cultural clashes, war and struggles.

November 27th, 2018 - The Battle of Fort Pulaski - It was considered an impregnable fortress, guarding the entrance to Savannah’s harbor. But during the Battle of Fort Pulaski, Union Forces accomplished the impossible, forcing the surrender of the previously invincible fort. Here you’ll learn the tactics they used to achieve this unlikely victory.