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Volunteer Signup Form: Beaufort Branch

Please complete and submit the form if you are interested in volunteering at our Beaufort Branch. To learn more about volunteering, call the Volunteer Coordinator at 843-686-6560

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Today's Date
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Our current operating hours are 10:00AM to 3:00PM, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Please indicate which days you are typically available (check all that apply):
Genealogy Research Experience *
The Beaufort Branch of the Heritage Library is dedicated specifically to genealogy research. Please indicate the areas in which you have some experience (check all that apply):
What is your computer experience? (Indicate what types of operating systems and programs you are familiar with, and for each operating system or program, indicate whether you have novice, intermediate, or advanced knowledge -- use your best judgment):
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All work material produced at the direction of the Heritage Library (the Library) is the intellectual property of the Library. The Library retains the exclusive rights to the use of the product.