Civil War Land Certificates

During and immediately following the Civil War, lands in insurrectionary areas were disposed of under laws passed between 1862 and 1866, including land abandoned by owners in Beaufort County, South Carolina.


The following indices are an alphabetical listing of persons who obtained abandoned lands in Beaufort County, in four ways:

Land sold to African-American Heads of Household who purchased lots, mainly on St. Helena and other Sea Islands east of Beaufort, at $12 - $15 for 10 acres. These records are digitized and copies can be obtained at the library.

Lands (lots or blocks) in Beaufort Township or St. Helena Parish sold to Army, Navy, or Marine personnel. The actual certificates are on two microfilm reels obtained from the National Archives, and can be accessed at the Heritage Library. 

Indentures that are one year leases granted by the Direct Tax Commissioners. These leases are for land located in St. Luke's Parish (Hilton Head Island). These records are paper copies available at the library. 

Tracts sold after failure to pay taxes due. These records are available at the library on microfilm obtained from the National Archives.