Military/Government/Union/White Family Cemetery


Location: Public Service Field on Union Cemetery Road
US 278, near RV park at end of Jenkins Road; Next to Union Cemetery
10 Union Cemetery Road, Port Royal

Earliest known date of existence: 18th century

From the book, “Hilton Head Island Cemeteries”, Compiled by Karen Marsh Gobrecht And John Griffin

 The Heritage Library has a list of the 1472 individuals buried at the Union Cemetery. Most of them were transferred to the National Cemetery in Beaufort, SC.

This may be the only African American cemetery on Hilton Head that does not have frontage on the water or a marsh. This land was originally used as burial grounds for the Union soldiers during the Civil War. Civil War veterans, including 98 black veterans who were buried there were moved to the National Cemetery in Beaufort. It then became White Family Cemetery and St. James Baptist Church cemetery.