African-American Ancestry Research
at the Heritage Library

The Library’s collections are excellent for researching the origins of African-American families in this country from before the Civil War era down to the present time. They encompass both historical and genealogical data, with the richest material information on South Carolina and our Lowcountry region. 

Much of the African-American population in America traces its roots back to the Lowcountry. Search the catalog above for a comprehensive list of the resources available in the library. The link below will take you to a listing of land certificates that were sold between 1863 and 1872 to the African American population of the Low Country. The actual certificates are on microfilm and available at the Library. 

The Old Plantation   ( Slaves Dancing on a South Carolina Plantation ), ca. 1785-1795.  watercolor  on paper, attributed to John Rose, Beaufort County, South Carolina.  Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Museum ,  Williamsburg, Virginia , USA.

The Old Plantation (Slaves Dancing on a South Carolina Plantation), ca. 1785-1795. watercolor on paper, attributed to John Rose, Beaufort County, South Carolina. Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art MuseumWilliamsburg, Virginia, USA.