Braddock Point (Cove)

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South Sea Pines Drive
Sea Pines Plantation
Also see Stoney-Baynard Plantation

Located on the southern most promontory of Hilton Head at the junction of Calibogue Sound and the Atlantic Ocean, the "point" was named for David Cutler Braddock, captain of South Carolina's provincial galley "Beaufort" from 1742 to 1746, which was stationed in the cove now bearing his name. Captain Braddock left SC provincial service in 1746 and moved to the Savannah area where he served two terms in the Georgia Colonial Assembly and was a highly successful privateer.

  • J. G. Braddock, Sr., descendant

In mid-1861, a Confederate earthwork fort was constructed at Braddock Point in anticipation of a Union invasion from the sea.  The guns and soldiers were transferred to Fort Beauregard on Bay Point at the beginning of the siege of Fort Walker on November 7, 1861.

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"It (Braddock Point)  was a relatively weak battery of three 24-pounders and one 10-inch columbiad.  The force from it, under the command of Captain Stuart, was sent by steamer to reinforce Bay Point."

  • Carse,  Robert, Hilton Head Island in the Civil War: Department of the South, p. 13

"Other Ninth Volunteers under Captain H. M. Stuart manned the guns at Braddock Point, another officer who had known the island since childhood."

  • Holmgren, p. 83

A map Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, Before 1861, shows the point as Braddock's (Calibogue) Point.

  • Holmgren, opposite p. 106

David Cutler Braddock lent his name both to the promontory at the junction of Calibogue Sound and the Atlantic Ocean and to the 1000 acre Braddock Point Plantation which was composed of Lots 46 and 47 of Bailey’s Barony on the Mosse Survey described as “lands formerly leased by John Gamble and James Gray”.  Lot 46 of 397 acres was bought April 20, 1785 for 600 pounds by John Mark Verdier from owner Peter Bayley.  It was purchased by the Stoney family who held it until 1845 when it was acquired by William Eddings Baynard.

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